Other Information for Parents



Snack is provided during the session for your child. We take into account any allergies that a child may have and will provide a suitable snack accordingly.

At present, we provide a Veggie/breadstick/Dip snack, a fruit snack and a cracker snack alternating each week.

Water and Milk are always available throughout the session.


If your child is absent for any reason, it is a statutory requirement that you inform us. Contact details are available here.

Collection of Children

If your child is being collected by a different person, other than the one that has brought them to our setting, we need to be informed of this prior to the end of the setting time. This is of particular importance if a parent/carer has been stuck in traffic and asked a neighbour or friend to collect their child.

If a person is unknown to us, a password must be used, this can either be a specific word or the child’s date of birth.

Labelling in your child’s belongings

It is most useful if your child’s belongings, such as bag, lunchboxes etc., are labelled with their name.

Suitable Clothing and Footwear at Whizzkids

We provide protective clothing for the children when they take part in messy activities.

An optional uniform is available to buy from “Danielles” in Hockley. The uniform consists of jade or purple polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans (with logo).

We would suggest that navy, grey or black tracksuit bottoms are ideal for pre-school.

We encourage children to gain independence, which includes managing their own toileting needs where possible. Clothing that is easy for them will help, as belts and extra fastenings may take extra valuable time. Outdoor clothing must be provided during colder days and can be easily put on and fastened.

Footwear such as plimsolls, easy fastening/Velcro trainers and wellies in the wetter months are ideal. Open toe sandals/crocs are not ideal, especially when playing in the playspace that has bark chippings. This will enable all children to have the opportunity to involve themselves in activities that will enhance their time at pre-school.

Children who are potty training would also benefit from having a spare pair of shoes for their comfort. Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to pre-school. Stud earrings or a watch are fine.